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I have been a long admirer of Miss Alicia Keys ever since her debut single of Fallin'. My best friend approached me in high school and gave me a fuzzy, tape recording of Fallin'. I gave it a listen and I didn't think too much of it at first. After several months later, I borrowed my friend's album of Songs in A Minor. I put it on repeat in my disc player while I was doing my homework. By the end of the night, I was hooked. During the last year of my high school, I would be the kid, walking down the school halls; my ears pressed against a pair of earphones; my voice hollering a wacked version of HOW COME YOU DON'T CALL ME (ha-ha). Fast-forward to four years, I moved away from my hometown of Vancouver of 10 years, settling down in Toronto, enrolling as a college undergrad. And I am still hooked on this young lady on your left here. Her music is as real as herself. She's not only a gifted musical individual, but a great role model for someone of my generation. Her authenticity and the role she plays as a citizen of this world are few examples of her many attributes and contributions she brings to her audience. Her music is a reminiscence of young Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonders; an old soul possessed with maturity and remarkable compassion for the state the world is in; she acknowledges her inner beauty foremost rather than on her outside appearance; humble, strong, and dignified.

I hope to bring all the wonderful qualities that Alicia brings to her audience in her hopes to make us aspire not a superstar that she is, but to inspire ourselves to do greater good for ourselves and for others. I am humble to present you with this website and I hope to contribute a small share on my part by dedicating this website exclusively to the fans who realize Alicia's respective positions as an artist, a humanitarian and a humble icon.

There is more
than that
meets the eye...

in the case of Alicia Augello Cook a.k.a Alicia Keys. Now, we all know that we live in a world where Image is Everything." Image is beauty. This is based largely upon idealism; the real truth behind beauty is obscured and it is exaggerated to a point where much emphasis is on the outer appearance, rather than reveal what is within.
What is real and what is not real? About what is truly beautiful and what is not?

Alicia is indefinitely one of the rallying musicians who brings authenticity through her music about beauty, about life, about love, about freedom; she continually proves with her second album that talent and character wins hands-down above all things in an industry where it is infested with false ideals of beauty.

She urges each and every one of the listeners to make a deeper change. She is vocal about her passions which include several humanitarian projects such as preventing AIDS in Africa, homeless issue in the UK, and so forth. She is an advocate of peace, of compassion and of self-respect, showcasing herself as a true role model for all generations. She devotes her time with humanitarian matters, delivering socially-conscious performances in support of preventing AIDS in Africa, homeless issues in the UK and other significant global issues.

There is something definitely unique about Miss Alicia Keys aside from her contributions; it is herself, setting example as a human being just like any other, upholding values such as humility and compassion that truly make her shine.

She is the one to watch out for in midst of this hum-dum recession that the music industry is experiencing. There is more than that meets the eye...

Her music is a reminiscence of young Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonders; an old soul possessed with remarkable maturity for someone of her age; an ambassador for less developing countries, a spokenswoman for girls affected with AIDS, who have been victims of violence, poverty, and illiteracy. She has released two albums, DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS, and UNPLUGGED (LIVE) since her debut of SONGS IN A MINOR in '98. This album is a personal favourite of mine, because it's arrived at a time when music scene was seriously becoming stagnant with manufactured bands, britney look-alikes and so on. Track 03 - How Come You Don't Call Me really showcases Alicia's amazing vocal range, turning a Prince classic into one of a kind...